First Love

A mother breathes life and love into her children. This love at its purest form is illuminated in her daughter's reflection. Her first love and connection to compassion. A connection that sometimes loses its signal due to life's extenuating circumstances. The hustle and bustle of work and school .. combined with the stress of being a single mother can sometimes make this love seem fleeting. I was the oldest daughter of a single mother. My mother had to work 2 jobs to provide and I remember her having to leave me alone more often then not. I remember feeling our love and connection dissipate to me because as a child I didn't understand her sacrifice. So this First Love dance is not just about getting dolled up and dancing. Its a gentle reminder for these single mothers and daughters about that love, the first and most important bond. Its about giving these mothers a break and a time to be pampered that is at times impossible to get. Its about community because in order to save the next generation, we have to get back to the foundation of family. T.H.E.M. has one goal for 2020 and that's increasing family engagement in our community please join us on this journey!

Love and Light Crissy

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